Cross Marks the Spot

There are so many times in life-and I have them-when I was really afraid. I was kind of a closed in, self involved person who was just trying to stay in that safe place and that nest where I had good friends and people who are just like me.

When I was in college, life was just plain, nothing’s special, but just plain living. I easily get dissapointed with everything. The way I look, the clothes I wear, the friends I have, everything even my shortcomings. I’ve always thought for the missing piece in me. I felt incomplete, like a drifter; without a purpose. Sometimes I wake up late at night thinking that I’m not living just existing.

Then it started. The quest!

I believe that the best starting point of my quest would be in a seminary. A place where I could serve and be a blessing. A place where I could grow spiritually; to earn spritual muscle. A place where I find my true purpose, my true value. A place that would taught me about Jesus; his character, his life, his existence.

I’m craving to know Him, so that I may follow Him closely. A preparation for the great commitment of the great commandment for the great commission. My life purpose is to be a member of Christ family, a minister of His grace, a model of His character, a messenger of His word, and a magnifier of His glory. And the best way to spell it is P-R-I-E-S-T.

I am going to serve Him with all my heart and the best way of my shape.

The search starts here, where cross marks the spot!

“At my Lola’s house, it gets so dark, I look at the stars and I feel like I can just reach out and grab them. I love her so much and I love this place so much (it hurts). I stay here because I need to find myself and to learn contentment. Here it’s me talking…it’s my soul talking”


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