Seminary a Place to Stay

This morning this young man does what his time in seminary was preparing him to do, and for the rest of his life, will be primary activity of his ministry.

A person thinking about the priesthood would naturally wonder what life is like in a seminary. Am I going to be stuck in a seminary? Can I get out if I want? What if I come to realize it isn’t for me? Will I be allowed freedom to study what I want? How long does it take?All are good questions, and quite normal for any enquirer.

Seminary life is an intense experience and an important testing ground for one’s vocation. A day in the life of seminarian begins with morning prayer at 5:30 followed by a mass. Classes, research, study, community service, fellowship, and meals to complete the day.

In order to be a good priest, a person must be a committed Christian and a decent human being. Residential living is a good place to test that reality, as it were, where I learned to live and work with others. Early in the morning, one would utter a funny joke to develop the bonds of our friendship. Shared daily and weekly duties in the seminary foster a sense of community and responsibility for others. In addition, leisure, hobbies and exercise are part of a normal life. These are not only encouraged here, but are seen as critical parts of a seminarian’s formation. Learning to use free time is also an important goal and essential for good living.

I’ve been taught, through living in community, to be a man of virtue and charity. I learned to use my gifts and talents for their best possible uses. I learned to manage my time – to study, work, pray and recreate in a balanced manner. I strive to become a man who may truly be considered “Christian.”

As I experienced transferring from one place to another, it’s been difficult and even depressing to leave behind everything familiar and try to fit into what feels like a totally new world. Yet despite the trials of moving, I often find great adventures and possibilities in this new place.
It feels like leaving the comfort and security of one stage of human life to venture into the unknown of another stage. This change makes me feel frighten, confused, and lonely. Yet like transferring from one place to another, I feel excitement and hope filled.

“The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to love others, devote yourself to the community around you, and devote yourself to create something that give you purpose and meaning”


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