Just Trust Me

In Cor Jesu Seminary, we have our gospel reflection during Sundays. A seminarian should write his article before he leaves for Sunday outing. If he fails to submit his reflection before noon, he’s not allowed to go out.

Reflection on Mk 6:7-13

I find in today’s gospel the instructions that Jesus gave to his apostles in their assignment. Jesus instructed them to entirely trust God. They were told not to bring “extra” items for themselves, but rather to fully rely on God’s grace. It is the center of the mission discourse. The apostles have to concentrate themselves exclusively on their royal task to proclaim the kingdom of heaven.

As I imagine myself, from the time I decided to enter to seminary. There are lot of things troubled me. I told myself that. “I’m ready”, and yet, there’s a voice inside saying, “you can’t make it”. I’ve dealing with lot of personal problems, and no matter how many times I told myself that God is on my side, and everything happens for a reason, I still beat myself up over doubts and hopelessness.

I know in my heart I truly believe that God knows what he’s doing and has a great future planned for me, but how can I stop trying to analyze everything that’s happened and might/might not happen? How can I convince my head what my heart knows?

I can’t learn it. I will just have to do it.

God is our ultimate parent. He tries to set us on a course, and if we veer off he gently tries to guide us back. However, there’s no reason to be consumed with worry. It doesn’t accomplish anything anyway.

“Heavenly Father, thank you for the mission you have entrusted to each of us. For having chosen us to be disciples of Jesus. Teach us to listen to His word and to remain faithful to our mission. Grant that we can answer this with faith and generosity”



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