If Imitation Insist

As one of the English card holders, one of the sanctions was to make an introduction for our presentation for the Socio-Academic Night. So I opened my head and turned on my mind’s magic theater for the said activity, & here it goes….

Have you ever admired a person, a priest, a seminarian, a professor, or kitchen personnel and imitated their ways? Who was it and why? Did this benefit you? Do you still do it?

The more familiar you become with people the more likely you are to pick up certain traits or phrases…

Everyone was created individually and have their own characteristics. We say imitation is the best form of flattery.

When we imitate, it should be someone that other people can figure out, right? We choose someone we can relate with, but whose personality stands out in this community?- is it Fr. Jag’s body language & amazing hand gestures when he teach, or Fr. Melvin’s famous line “you know Brothers”, or seminarian John Louie’s “housecleaning & manualia boys manulia”, or Amiw’s “mokitiw jud ka ha”?.

So, at the end a little bit imitation comes in way but it should never be used as bullying, ridiculing, and insulting. It should only be used as way which we are drawn closer to them.

Tonight we are going to imitate the personalities for those who had become “celebrities” in this community…


So, who is the best person to imitate?

It’s Jesus! The more you learn about his life on earth, the more you will know what is good, because he is perfect. Before we imitate anything that someone else does or says, ask yourself, “Is this something that Jesus would do?” With Jesus as our example, let’s name some ways that we can imitate what is good & those who do not want to imitate anything, produces nothing.

We ended our night with big mouths of fun. As the other group of English card holders presented a play about President Arroyo’s SONA nuh?. (We have a seminarian brother who looks like Gloria yet he sounds Alvin [one of the chipmunks]) LoL.


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