An Eucharistic Experience

DSC02233I was really upset yesterday. I really screwed up. After washing my laundry I went to the computer lab, to print my 6-page observation report. And yet I’ve found out it was not there.. I want to cry …but it would not accomplish anything anyway(teardrop). I went to sleep and forgot about the mid day prayer…as the sanction- my batch and I cleaned the typing area (sorry guys):(

When Fr. Jag told us that we’re going to have our observation in the Eucharistic celebration in nearby places in Dipolog, our response was “weeee, makalaag napud ta”. Were very happy that we can go out and observe how other places celebrate the Eucharist.

Sarge and I decided that we’re going to observe at St. James the Great parish in Dapitan.

July 26, 2009

Sunday after the Feast of Saint James the Great

Fr. Tubaces was the priest-presider. There were acolytes and laymen preparing themselves for the Eucharistic celebration. A layman told me to light the candles and placed the list of souls-to be prayed-in the altar.

Here’s my report base on what

I had observed

As the acolyte rang the bell, Fr. Tubaces, Deacon Ronald Bulugo, together with the laymen and acolytes, entered the sanctuary.

The Entrance song began as the priest entered with the deacon and ministers. The choir, and some faithful sang the entrance song (the song was not quite familiar to the faithful).

When they reached the sanctuary, the priest, the deacon, and the ministers showed reverence to the altar by genuflects. Fr. Tubaces and the deacon then kissed the altar. Entrance song was concluded; Fr. Tubaces-together with the whole gathering-made the Sign of the Cross. Then he signified the presence of the Lord to the community gathered by means of the Greeting-“Ang Ginoo maanaa kaninyo”.Then the priest-presider invited us to take part in the Act of Penitence, which, after a brief pause for silence, the entire community carried out through a formula of general confession. The rite concluded with the priest’s absolution, which, however, (according to Fr. Jag) lacks the efficacy of the Sacrament of Penance. We sang, “kalooy-I kami” after.Next Fr. Tubaces invited the people to pray. All of us, together with the priest, observed a brief silence and formulated our petitions mentally. Then the priest says the prayer which was customarily known as the Collect.After the Collect, we seated on the pews to listen to God’s word.

In the readings, the table of God’s word is prepared for the faithful, and the riches of the Bible are opened to them (as I understand it).During the Liturgy of the Word our attention had been directed to the Scripture readings in which we heard the Word of God.Before the deacon read the Gospel, Fr. Tubaces gave authority with a sign of a cross to him.After the Scriptural readings, Fr. Tubaces delivered his homily. It was all about a child who brought 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish (one of my favorite story in the NT). His homily awakened our child within.

After the homily, it was followed by the intercessions and the creed.

After the liturgy of the word, the offertory song was began. The acolytes prepared the altar. They placed the corporal, the purificator, the chalice, and the missal on the altar. The choir accompanied the procession of the gifts.The preparation ceremony was very simple. Gifts, bread and wine (as well as offerings for the poor), were brought to the priest-presider and he handed it over to the acolytes. Fr. Tubaces prayed over them and then the Eucharistic Prayer began.Having received the gifts, Fr.Tubaces prayed over them and washed his hand.With hands extended, Fr. Tubaces says the prayer over the gifts, which the people responded: “Amen”

All made an appropriate sign of peace, according to our local custom. After this he took the paten and other vessel and goes to the communicants. The priest and ministers distributed the Eucharistic bread.

After communion the priest and deacon cleaned the vessels and handed over to the acolytes. The acolytes placed the vessels in the side table in the sanctuary.

We prayed for a while in silence after communion.After the prayer after communion, Fr. Tubaces say thanks to the sponsors and servers of the celebration.

After a brief period of reflection on what we have experienced, the Eucharist concluded quickly with the priest-presider’s blessing and the challenge to go forth and live what we have celebrated.

After the celebration, I accompanied Fr. Tubaces in celebrating the mass in Taguilon-one of the barrangays in Dapitan. I met my old teachers there-they were amazed. Fr. Tubaces asked me if I know how to used the bell- it was my fist time to ring the bell and I’m very nervous(thank God Fr Jag taught us when to ring it)(sweatdrop). After the celebration the sponsors invited us for lunch-grilled bangus and tinolang manok were served(drool). It was one of the best experience I had this year.


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