Soar On Eagle’s Wings

2Dear God,

Okay, I’m about to either explode or collapse. I just can’t take it anymore! I’ve got midterm exam this week. I’ve gotten two of them over with, but I still have the worst four to go. That’s enough all by myself, but then Wednesday morning, Fr. Ian told us to summarize a book from the Old Testament as our midterm exam. My entire batch got one book to summarize while mine were two books (1&2 Chronicles). Others have small chapters while mine were 65 chapters (sigh). And Fr. Jag told me to pass articles for the Cordial (official publication of CJS). I need to make a dialogue for our Communication Arts class. I’ve been chosen also to be the representative in declamation (for the opening of our intramurals) – so I have to memorize my two-page declamation piece within one week. How I wish that there’s no more arnis class during Tuesdays. I got only naps every night because of this demands (yawn).

Even just telling you this helps me a little. When I tell you, I feel like you’re on my side and you’ll help me figure it out. I need to calm down and think straight and decide what’s really the most important and what I can skip or put off. Maybe I can talk to the Formators, maam Porlas, and my BEC mates, too.

My uncle’s favorite passage from the bible just popped into my head. I read it from the back part of their family picture when he was just 4 years old then.

“Those who wait for the Lord

shall renew their strength,

they shall mount up with wings like eagles,

they shall run and not be weary

they shall walk and not faint.”

Oh, God, help me with feeling so wiped out and panicky. And take care of my uncle. Let us both fly like eagles!




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