Heaven’s Passport

13Words and meanings are two things that are not always easy to bring together. Not everyone hears the words picks up the meaning. Obviously, not everyone who hears listens, and not everyone who listens understands.

Reflection on Jn 6:60-69

“This language is very hard! Who can accept it?Jews

God’s invitation and our response are not a matter of “Just sign up here and you’ll never be confused again” or “A trouble-free life, guaranteed.” On the contrary, the deepest kind of faith is the kind that has been struggled over and that has held up, even though all the answers have not been provided in a neat package.

How many people we know who settle for something less than eternal life? How many content themselves with less luxuries and the sense of being a part of a group? But, despite our doubts, we are not satisfied with life as it has been. We are worried that we can’t lose ourselves in pursuit that other people find so rewarding.

I was born believing in God, my mom never fails to remind me that He is real. And God always make me feel His presence especially on those times that I’m beginning to question His existence. I’m one of those living proofs that He really makes a way when there seems to be no way. As my mom says, “If He doesn’t give what you want now, maybe it will do you no good, or He has better plans for you. Or, being God that He is, He will give it to you in His time. It has been nothing but a positive influence in my life. God has always been here for me and I’ve always felt loved. When things go wrong, it’s like having a Father you can lean on and it makes me feel secure.

I have my passport heavenly stamped, absolutely!

“Father, we easily lose perspective in life when unexpected things happen. Teach us to be good disciples of Jesus and to learn for Him every time”



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