Leaving Home to Pursue My Dream

I begin after a short time of trying to be quiet. The silence feels good, but my head is full of racket. I wonder how to turn it off. Questions keep knocking at my door: Am I really going crazy? Am I being deluded by idea of entering priesthood? What do I hope to gain by it all?

Maybe I should listen to my family and relatives, and “come to my senses”, being content with the “good” life I have. Why can’t I be like other people and be satisfied with the usual after-school activities – online gaming, hanging with friends, and some hobby?

I had second thoughts about leaving home to pursue my dream. Well, it’s not all uncommon: Leaving a comfortable life and familiar habits isn’t an easy decision to make. The reality of taking up a journey always leads to serious questions.

Do you think it’s admirable to leave home and pursue our dreams with uncertainty that we will actually make them come true?

I’m the kind of person who believes: I should always pursue my dream, because I may never get the chance and then I’ll wonder what would have happened if I actually did. And even if I don’t make it, at least I’ve tried.

It’s always hard to leave stability when we’re unsure of the outcome, but we have to do it someday if we want to pursue our dreams. Sometimes taking a risk to seek happiness is well worth the fight. Weigh our options, determine if we’ll be able to live with a pay cut and then make our decision. We only get to live once.

Yeah, I have done something stupid. But look at anyone who took a chance at their dreams, and ten times out of ten at the time their choice seemed pretty stupid too, and yet it paid off be it in the form of fame or personal satisfaction. I can always go back to college if things don’t work out!

I will have fun exploring my dreams–it will be worthwhile even if I “fail.”


2 thoughts on “Leaving Home to Pursue My Dream

  1. Here’s a little music video I’ve just put together that talks (or rather sings) about choices we make when it comes to pursuing our dreams, and the price we sometimes pay for that.

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