Who do People Say I am?

Sometimes, rumors can be really nasty and we get to find out only from other people about the wicked things they are saying to us.

Reflection on Mk 8:27-35

I usually hear rumors concerning the collegian’s alarm towards our beadle’s attitude. They say that our beadle is too violent in dealing with us. Who always says, ‘box you now’, every time when one of my batch mates’ conduct doesn’t seem pleasing to him.  Who doesn’t value the authority of those seminarians in higher years. Who don’t mind/care if he hurt someone’s feelings. Who get pleasure from crafting jokes with others but easily get heated when a seminarian would gag him.

For about four months living with him and being one of his friends, I would say that our beadle is much better than what they think. Yes, I must confess he’s a person who easily gets irritated, impatient and quite cruel most of the times. But I assume and I feel that he truly care for us.

Concerning on the stories he shared to me; (I’ve been the ‘sponge’ khim in our batch- they would share their stories which are really awkward and unusual, that are still kept secret even to the formators) he tries to apt himself to the ‘standard’ of others and yet failed to please them. And sometimes even his family and close friends didn’t believe in his potential and nearly everyone question his intention. He tries to change himself to please them and yet still they didn’t able to recognize it. He did his best and laughed at, loved and was rejected, hoped and was deceived.

He wants to feel that he’s a part of the group that’s why he did those ridiculous things to earned acceptance (I do now realize why he always wants to include himself each time he finds an opportunity).

If only they would just take time to consider and inquire him, ‘why he act this way?’ Tying to figure out the reasons behind, and time comes they would understand and accept who really he is.

I can see his progress even though he forgets to control his temper sometimes -but he’s trying. Maybe that’s all anyone can ever do. I hope we’re going to measure him by how much he try rather than how quite is actually is inside him…

It is then that we confront ourselves with the trust of friends who hopefully, know better than to believe these rumors.

In the end, however neither their opinion or the trust of friends should dictate the way we are to live our lives. Ultimately, because we are accountable only to God, we can dare to make personal decisions in conscience and thus express who or what kind of person we intend to be.

7 Reasons Why I like him

1. —–

2. —–

3. —–

4. —–

5. —–

6. —–

7. —–

I want to fill it yet  I’m still searching for the reasons to like him. Besides I don’t have other option than learn to love who really is.  Nobody knows  the reals us.  Let just  keep the judgment  to our  Lord Jesus Christ!

“Father in heaven, we are often hard in our judgment of others. Teach us the wisdom of knowing that only compassion can heal the wounds of sin and division.”



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