Quitely Smart

1The Gospel portrays the stupidity of the disciples whose ignorance together with ambitious and the self-centeredness, keep quite even they don’t understand.

Reflection on Mk 9:30-37

I still remember a quote from one of my school teachers that says, “the mark of real intelligence visible not so much in pupils who get the answers right, but in those who can admit that they do not know when they really don’t, and dare to ask smart questions  in order to know.”

One of my favorite subjects here that I really enjoy is English with Maam Porlas. Every time that she would discuss about grammar and sentence construction I can’t help myself to chuckle for my batch mate’s silliness (they would just keep silent and looks like they fully understand Maam’s lessons, and when Maam conducts and exam most of us fails). Then one time (giggles), Maam Porlas asked one of my batch mates, “Where you’ve been last night?” He answered I go to the chapel to pray. Then Maam enquire him what’s the past tense of G-O? He said G-O-E-S- (he pronounced it as ‘ghost’) then maam told him, “unsa nakalag naka diha?” (LoL)

As a batch mate would say,”The paper of a priest is to help people” in vernacular, “ang papel sa usa ka pari mao ang mutabang sa mga tawo”.

People sometimes refuse to ask questions because they do not want to betray their ignorance, or are engaged only in ‘kasabot man ko ani’ as the disciples were.Children who do not have an image to protect or a hidden motive to pursue be likely to ask questions openly.

It is this childlike inquisitiveness which Jesus insists that we must never lose.

“Heavenly Father, we are often narrow-minded and craving for the spotlight. Clothe us with your son’s humility, and set us free from our worldly endeavors”.



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