Odd Dream

5 I dreamed that I was sitting on a rock and obtain pleasure in watching the splendid panorama in a garden. It seems to be reminiscent of shifting flavor from fall to spring. Then Jesus called me. As I followed Him, I inquire where he takes me. He just smiled at me. As we walked, the scene were changed into a distressing one. I saw a bar with lots of teenagers drinking alcohols, taking drugs and stuffs. There were laughing and blast- place was so deafening that it almost cracked my eardrum. We went out and went into a street. I saw street children weeping, orphans in grief, and the old terribly depressed. Beggars beg, but the people just past by, and there was a youth who spit on the beggar’s face. I get mad that I want to grab that kid in his misconduct. Next, we went into a bridge and I saw the squatter’s houses in deluge with seeming dim and foul water. And then, a lady in black robe, she cuddled an infant, and suddenly she looked unto the dark water and thrown the baby.


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