Why this journey, Why the Seminary?

3The Oral Communication class handled a show that proves our potentials in  speaking. As the leader of the group, this was the genre I have chosen.

Why this journey, Why the Seminary?

So buckle up and open your mind’s magic theater as we inquire them topics to quench our curiosity. Help me welcome our guest; Renand Bandiala & Dexter Banueles whose valiant enough to face and answer one of our Many Why’s In This World!

Khim: When did you first have the idea of entering priesthood?

Ren: Since grade school, my family especially my father and Lola encourage me to be a priest.

Dex:  I remembered when I was young that I promise Him that if He would cure me from my sickness I will served Him as one of His priests.

Khim: It is said that at your age boys still have great need of their families. Did you miss your parents when you were in the Seminary?

Ren: Not to such extent because I can go home monthly, holidays, and not to mention this coming semestral break. And I also experienced working far from my parents when I was in Davao.

Dex: Yes, I’m really closed with my family especially my Papa and I can’t help to miss them, not like Renand, it’s my first time to be separated from them.

Khim: Who is the most important person in your formation?

Ren: My family & my Lola.

Dex: My family and friends.

Khim: What are the common topics in your conversation while living in a Seminary?  Do you talk about women, money, and death?

Ren: It’s quite awful that seminarians are most familiar if a topic is about women. Sometimes you can hear them talking about their “girlfriends” rather than Jesus.

Dex: I must confess it’s a reality in Cor jesu Seminary, Jesus does not often come up in our daily conversation.

Khim: Your answers are quite shocking! What image do you have of God?

Ren: For me God is a compassionate father who set me on a course, and if I veer of he gently get me back. In the past, I never really felt the depth of spiritual communication I experience now.

Dex:  God is like a priest in a confessional, even though I cannot see Him, I know His listening. My communication with Him is now unlimited 24/7.

Khim: During all this months as a seminarian, did you ever think that you might have chosen the wrong path?

Dex: No, never! I don’t know why, but I never had any doubts, even though there were difficulties at times.

Ren: I agree with my brother Dexter, I don’t have any regrets even if I making a great sacrifice adapting myself to regulations in the Seminary.

Khim: In your life, you must certainly have gone through moments of great suffering. Which episode was the most painful?

Ren: I had a terrible accident from a motorcycle. I spent a week in a hospital. That was most painful experience, in that it involved being handicapped.

Dex: When I had a sickness, and my parents thought of losing me because the Doctor told them that I should going to take an operation but my parents could not afford to. However, thank God. I am here nervous.

Khim: (smile) In these dark moments, did you feel God was near you.

Ren: Yes, there were moments in which I felt my clumsiness was right enough to feel the presence of God.

Dex: Absolutely, when I was confined in bed, I had plenty of time to think about Him.

Khim: Who’s your favorite saint?

Ren: Francis Xavier

Dex: St. Augustine

Khim: Has this saint ever played any particular role in your life?

Ren: I am not only praying to him, I also try to imitate his life.

Dex: I appreciate his writings and work which is so inspiring.

Wow! It feels good folks that there are some people who are true to their vocation. May their answers enlightened us and strengthened our faith in Him.

So bye bye for now, until we meet again to answer another Why? This is Khim Caermare, signing off.


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