Sent Khim

We find ourselves in abundance but at the same time, feeling empty. Those who dare to pursue genuine happiness are led to the path of self-denial; where loss is really gain.

Reflection on Mk 9:38-48

Being a seminarian is a call not just to follow Jesus, which is what discipleship is about, but ultimately to be sent by Jesus- to stand on behalf of Jesus. Being sent is not a task of substituting the master, but rather of representing him so that he remains present in his absence. Did Jesus says, “It’s easy”? On the contrary, it’s difficult and painful.

Jesus makes demands for discipleship: renunciation of family, possessions, and even one’s own life. I must be stripped of more than possessions. Must be naked on what possession represents: title, name, reputation, role, and personality- every trace of my false self. Commitment of Jesus must have rise above what human heart seeks: security, affection, and life without pain/suffering. As I watch the cross, it is something like a rejection which I don’t deserve.

Back in March, I had not realized that my desire to set out on a pursuit would lead all this. I am beginning to grasp that it is a long, long process. Now I understand, with my heart, the words of Jesus when He said that those who wished to follow Him must take up their crosses and die to themselves. I realize that dying is at the heart of the very call to follow Jesus. I understand that the way is not easy, but I cannot turn back. These past months have been the most exciting part of my life and I’m beginning to see that I will be challenging for the rest of my life.

Have patience, Lord, as I come with halty steps in following you.

“Heavenly Father, teach us the obedience of Your Son.

Grant that we may share His suffering and death

in order to share His glory.



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