It’s CHRISTmust!

Back in my childhood I recall Christmas being a happy time where I was the recipient of the greatest gifts of all time (thanks papa, mama, grandma and uncle). Nevertheless I always appreciated that Christmas was about the birth of a special man named Jesus Christ rather than the gifts I received. Yes, the gifts and foodstuff are fine and suit to be a part of Christmas season but I prefer the part where people warm each other. Goodwill, compassion, and most importantly LOVE are the least expensive and yet the most important gift we can give to each other. What matters is not what we get or don’t get. What matters is what we have in our hearts and what we do with that gift.

As we move into this holiday season, ask yourself this question, “What is about Christmas really matters to me?”

It is all about JESUS.  This season is not about us or our family alone.  It is not about the gifts and the decorations- there is no competition.  It is all about Jesus. God gave us a special gift on that first Christmas day, a gift of pure, unselfish love His Son, Jesus. When Jesus becomes our light, we will see things differently, act differently and find out that there is stuff about this life that matters and other stuff that doesn’t. God cleaned us up and gave us a new start.

This season is about giving Him to others.  It is about serving others for His. Literally, Christmas is all about Him. Not just a baby in a manger.  Not just a man on a cross, but the God who loves us all the time and forever.  At Christmas we celebrate that truth and giving countless opportunities that tell others that Christmas is all about Jesus. Let’s lift up the light and the love of Jesus Christ and let it shine out brightly as we celebrate the season of His birth.

It’s not just a holiday; it is a celebration of the greatest gift ever given to mankind. The fact that God chose to come to earth as a baby to save a poor wretched sinner like me is overwhelming at times. So this Christmas, amid all the beautiful and joyful Christmas carols, I will sing one song in particular….. Happy Birthday that’s right, I will sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

Truly, He is the reason for the season! It’s Christmust!


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