I Love You, CHRISTmas

Christmas season is one of the welcome festive seasons as families and friends gather for getting together. On this special season, we can really wind down and spend quality time with our love ones- the time we don’t tend to appreciate during the rest of the year when there are constant demands and other pressures placed on us. Where we can forget about work or seminary, surround ourselves with our nearest, dearest and really, sincerely, enjoy it. Shouldn’t we enjoy time with our loved ones all year round? Sure, we should. All I’m saying is that at Christmas, our sense of goodwill and love really expands- so we tend to enjoy a lot more.

It is also a time to bring our inner child. It’s a time when we can escape of that twenty something facade and remember how much fun we used to have on Christmas- enjoying lip-smacking meals, hugging Santa Claus, Christmas caroling, exchanging presents and hanging socks on the chimney. In my case we don’t have chimneys at home so I hang it on a clothesline instead and every time I check it, a clink of coins surprised me. I just figured it out that it was not Santa who made the trick but my father.  I absolutely loved Christmas as a child. My parents outdid themselves every year, making the most of the little they had, pouring all their heart and love into the celebration for us kids. I also remember when my mom bought me new pair of clothes and would insist to put in on for Misa de Aguinaldo. (One of my mom’s ‘outlandish’ thinking is that if we’re going to wear it first in the mass, our clothes will last longer and it works!) I appreciate my parents more and more each day (especially after moving away to seminary), for the support that they have unquestioningly given without ever being pushy. My mother is incredibly creative and my father has more common sense than anyone I’ve ever met. My Christmas is always been extraordinary by the help of my parents who adds little magic on that special day.

Everyone is a kid in heart. The perfect time to let that side show is during Christmas. The society has gone so wrapped up in the tradition of buying gifts and eating together. Certainly families get together for Christmas but there isn’t a united feeling among ones. There are often disputes arguments, which is normal. No family is perfect, and never will be. During Christmas time, I would think that this is the season at least to forget all our problems and be thankful and happy to be with our family.

The reason we should be happy, is because like many have said, we never know when our last day is on earth. We never know if our grandparents will die tomorrow on Christmas night. We should be glad that we can be with our family, and make sure we tell them we love them so much. This is a strong statement, but no one knows when we will be able to say this before one leaves this earth. Then if we do say goodbye, we could have said it in a better way than “I LOVE YOU”, on a great day to say it, CHRISTMAS! For me, the holidays are always a time of happiness, as well as remembering those we have lost.  And especially a time to be thankful for those we still have with us. As we society, we always forget about little things that make life so great. Without all the simplest things in life there could be no major things- first the small then the large.


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