Eucharist and Priesthood

Let us also offer prayers and sacrifices for priests, for those in danger and for those who stand firmly and securely, for those who are straying and for those who already advanced in perfection. Unfortunately, we tend much too ready to criticize the defects of priests, while it is rather rare that someone will pray for them.

Let us respect the Eucharist. One way of respecting the Eucharist is by showing reverence to the priest even when we know of his past and present sins. The principle we must maintain in order not to desecrate the Eucharist and priesthood is to hate sin but love the sinner. While we hate the sins of the priests we must pray for him for we need him to celebrate the mass and hear confession. Without him, it is impossible for us to maintain a holy lifestyle because only priests have received from God the power to forgive our sins when we are in the brink of hell. Not even the Blessed Virgin Mary or Angels in heaven could forgive our sins. Moreover not even the Blessed Virgin Mary or Angels in heaven could celebrate the mass. So we need priest to minister to us the source and summit of Christian life- the Eucharist.

Let us help preserve the dignity and holiness of priesthood by helping the priests remain holy in their ministry of the Eucharist. This we can do by first praying for them and doing penance in reparation for their weaknesses. Secondly when we find them committing grave sins, we shall kindly but firmly correct them while maintaining great respect to their priesthood. Above all we should not tempt priest to commit impurity by always modesty dressed before them. This is especially for women. Finally, never threaten a priest however bad he may be. This would be a most terrible crime offense. To threaten a priest is to threaten the Eucharist. To threaten the Eucharist is to threaten the very foundation of the Catholic Church.


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