NAZARETH a little white town on a green hill.

In one of those small white houses Mary had lived, in silence, praying. Humble as she was, she had gone down this narrow path with a pitcher in her hand, to fetch some water at the fountain.

It was just such an hour as this, when everything was glistening with dewdrops, that it must have happened, perhaps under a palm tree:  suddenly an angel had kneeled before her and had brought her the mighty tidings. And because she was so pure and so quiet, she had been able to say: “Be it done unto me according to thy word.” And when she said those words, God began to flower in her womb. For He could become man only in someone who was pure and still.

Then, with a song in her heart, she had gone to visit her cousin Elizabeth. And John, in his mother’s womb, had greeted Jesus in Mary…


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