Holy Communion: By toungue or by hand?

The Sisters of Charity allow only Communion on the tongue, and, when asked about this, one of her senior Sisters responded: “Mother Teresa has asked for this because she wishes her Sisters to be obedient to the Pope.”

It is also reported that when a group of Bishops, while visiting Mother Teresa in Calcutta, asked her what, in her opinion, the worst evil in the crisis of the Church was, she answered, surprising them all, that it was the “modern form of receiving Communion”.

Hand communion is an inequity against God that has already badly damaged the unity, as well as respect for, our Sacred Catholic Faith.

Hand communion has spawned a school of thought in the U.S Church, spurred on, as is almost everything else in the West, by liberal individualism, which one ought to stand even during the Consecration! The same spirit has recently led the American Bishops to pronounce that the American way of receiving Holy Communion is while standing. And why not cheer, whistle, stomp our feet and bring along garish cheer-leaders with pom-poms flying?

It has also indirectly helped remove the Tabernacles from the center of churches, first to a side area, then to a side room, and finally into another building where few, if any at all, can find Jesus, even if they wanted to adore Him. It has also led to the removal of all kneelers from many western churches. Satan is a very sly predator, and as any truly praying individual already knows, he is persistent at attempting to break us and pull us down, step by step.

In Europe laymen have occasionally organized themselves into groups whose sole  responsibility is to carefully gather up the many crumbs that are left strewn about after Hand Communion. Never before was this a true need, and Communion, including the use of patens, is now being done by very loving and reverent souls who do, thank God, still exist.

But it is really a wonder by now why so many western churches stand cold, prayer less and empty when Jesus has first been stood up to, then ignored, then replaced, then moved, then removed, and finally discarded altogether?!

The Holy Eucharist is the gift of the Lord, which should be distributed to laymen through the Inter-Mediation of Catholic Priests who are ordained especially for this work. Laymen are neither permitted to take the Sacred Host by themselves nor the Consecrated Chalice”

Inaestimabile Donum

Here are some passages from the Bible

Gen 17:1-3 Abraham fell down on his face

Ex 33:10 All Israelites “threw themselves onto the ground before their tents”.

Phil 2:10 At the name of Jesus all knees should bend, in Heaven, on earth and under the earth.

Mt 2,11 They fell down and adored it

Mt 26:26 Accept it and eat it (Accepting or receiving [Greek=lambanein] is passive, passively accept; “not actively take”

Is 45:23 Every knee shall bend before me

Rev 5:13 The twenty four fell down and adored Him

Christ gave the dipped piece to Judas (Jn 13:26) and the Eucharistic meal to the Apostles. (Lk 22:19) Implication, they did not “take it”.

In Semitic culture during the time of Christ there was no such thing as getting the meal placed into the hand. If the host wished to honor a guest in a special way, he placed a piece of meal into the guest’s tongue. Regard for such Jewish customs allows for Communion on the tongue. This historical evidence confirms the biblical conclusion that Christ took a “basic norm” and adjusted it to become a “Divine principle”.

Imagine this:

If museums never let the people touch their most cherished exhibits (just try to touch Mona Lisa without prior permission), and if armies of security never let the people touch their Presidents (just try touching Noynoy Aquino) Why do some people still think they may touch the Eucharistic Jesus, Our God and Savior?

The Divine Substance in Lanciano is that of live human heart tissue. The next time you are at a large hospital with the capabilities for cardiac operations, go in and ask its senior staff whether you may handle some live human heart tissue. You will be escorted to the next exit, if not to the closest Psychiatric Ward.

Now it is left, once again, for Mary’s children to give the best example to the whole world, and to follow her where our prayer leads us- closer to Jesus in an ever more reverent manner.

Digest: The Divine Substance by NickyEltz


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