The Good Samaritan

Reflection on Lk 10:25-27

Whatever his intentions have been, thanks to the scribe for asking the Lord about our neighbor, because the answer came in a most touching and instructive parable “the Good Samaritan”. Indeed, it confronts me with the question whether I, too, a priest-in-training is a good Samaritan.

I know about love because I was falling and now in love. As St. John of the Cross says, “We will be judge by love”, and will depend on our charity to our neighbor. And so I sought to ask myself, “Am I a Good Samaritan to my neighbors- the aged, the sick, and the poor? Or do I pass by them quickly as though I didn’t notice they need help, not necessarily out of malice, clouded with prejudices, but with poor excuse. Let someone help them.  I’m too busy right now- I have my examination to take care of and other excuses.

Mostly when I listen to a sermon on Our Lord’s Passion and Cross, I feel compassion and say to the Lord that I would do anything to relieve His suffering. Our Lord gives me test of sincerity of heart when He says, “As long as you did not do it for one of these least ones, you did not do it for Me”.

His least ones, His hungry, His poor are all around me and with in my reach. I know, it isn’t the amount I give or the time I devote to help and comfort the afflicted that counts the most. It’s the sacrifice I make out of the blessing of God gave me. Even the poorest and busiest among us can find occasion when we can help someone in need. We can and should be a good Samaritan


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