Life here on earth is a preparation for life eternal.

If only we convince our heads with this truth then it’s easy for us to live as  Christian. Yet sadly, people become too arrogant and take God away from the equation of their lives. And worst, they are blinded with their wickedness that they consider themselves  no little less than  gods.

Silly indeed!

Reflection on Luke 13:22-30.

Being a seminarian is not an assurance to live a happy-ever-after-in-heaven-. In spite the fact that I choose the unusual path- the path of holiness- their still a big chance that I would lose along the way or I may fall on a trap and drag myself to hell.

Indeed, Prayer is the key to salvation, yet prayer is not enough. If I will not exercise my prayer it would turn me scrawny in the eyes of God. In order to attain flesh and spiritual muscle, I must go beyond praying.

Every day we meet Jesus- in face of a stranger who looks for blood donors, in a beggar who asks food to fill his tummy, in a fellow seminarian who has a problem and need someone who would listen. How do we respond?

Perhaps, I cannot say that I always did it well. There were times that I forgot my identity, my purpose. There were times that I would plunge myself in a corner of little concern. There were times that I was convinced with someone who’s on authority who said, “Gamay ray ihatag nila… sige ra bitaw na silag balik-balik” (Just give them little, besides they’re just going to come here always”).

How erroneous this mentality is!

To end my reflection, allow me to quote Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, “I don’t know what heaven is like, but I do know that when God judge us, He will not ask how many good things you’ve done, but He will ask how much love you put on what you did”.


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