A brother called my attention: “Khim, the offerings”

Yes…I remember, I was in charged to send it off to Fr. Procurator’s room. I got all the money and placed it in a red basket (not as little red riding hood placed her goodies for her grandmother.)


A kid approached me: “Kuya…naay 1000 nahulog, ato na lang ning I offer.” (Kuya, I found 1000, were just going to offer it).

“Ok”, I replied

At a moment, my mind began to digest the child’s innocence. I wonder if I, a seminarian, would do the same.

Maybe or maybe not.

I was thinking 1000 will be so good for Sunday outing. It would be a great idea to treat friends at Mang Inasal’s unlimited rice, or ice cream afternoon, or having a bunch of groceries, or a new pair of clothes perhaps.

Sigh… Yes, evil is with in me and I cannot deny it.

Sometimes it is embedded in me, so identified with my own reality, that I can no longer distinguish in its essence. Am I ‘cancer’ unto myself? Or is it a cancer I can excise with a scalpel and get rid of? Usually I perceive it as something other than myself, and I give it a name, as the gospel gives it a name, and I fight it as a mortal enemy.

Oh…before I took the bait, I hurried my steps, and knocked at Fr. Melvin’s room…

Sigh…what a relief…what a loss!


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