Do you know what I thought? I thought I went to the ocean, took off all my clothes, walked across the beach, put my toes in the water, walked into the water until it was up my ankles, then my legs, then my chest, then my neck. Then I started swimming. I even tried swimming under water. I came back out on the beach, put my clothes back on… and I said to some people there: Water? What water?

I once read a Jewish proverb that goes like this: “The last thing a fish sees is the water.” Now really! Nor can the bird see the air they live in. but depriving them of it…then see how they flounder.

Don’t you know that we are like fish and birds much of our lives and only become aware of water and air, once we are deprived of them?

Perhaps this is Gods somewhat drastic way of revealing himself; out of consideration for our immaturity, he reveals himself negative. The truth is, we do not perceive His presence when all us going well, but we shudder when He us not there or falls silent.


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