Intramurals at SVC

It was a bright and sunny Tuesday (August 24, 2010), when our seminary and SVC held its Intramural 2010…

I really enjoyed it… I experienced a grand parade…we had a halted march in order to have a stolen snapshots with the majorettes. I had a great time mingling with my brothers plus the new friends I’ve met at SVC.

It’s nice to do it again… Smile… just always smile…

Some of theĀ memorabilias:

The R-E-D-S pose before the parade

The cool SVC Highschool Drum Corps

The REDs on another hot pose


Where’s our team mates???

Whoooo!!! cheer ’em

Ahem…. a hot snaphot!

Poor guy! The parade makes him really starving (hehe)

The chess masters: the King and Queen o.O?

The REDs (Liberal Arts) VS The BLUEs (Education)

so sweet! you give me a toothache!

Our sizzling bakers: What’s your order Sirrrr?

Date in the act!

I did not joined the evening activity, since Fr. Rector made it as an optional. So I chose to stay and rented some movies (Amelie and the Princes and the Frog). I had a good night, reading…took a nap…and read again.


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