The Prodigal Father in Heaven

When I was young, my mother would tell me children stories from the Bible. I presumed that it is one of the aspects why I fell in love with the idea of becoming a priest/shepherd. One of my favorite stories is the story of the “Prodigal Son”. I used to keep asking my mama to repeat it again and again every night before I sleep, sadly, I cannot do it anymore now…things needs to change.

Reflection on Lk 15:1-30

Anyway, I come to realize that the reason why the younger son went away because he longs something missing in his life. Something which he thought is worthy to search for. Or maybe, he was just simply bored with the life together with his family- the farm, the house, the servants.

Well, there are lots of things to presume why he left. Maybe he longs for his mother!? Truly, mothers have special prowess in the family. It is the mother who is the “ilaw ng tahanan” as we usually defined them- and it’s true; proven and tested.

Imagine if mothers will refuse to be mothers. Anything  bad that you can imagine can be a reality…and our generation seems to prove it!

Well, the young man venture in a search for happiness; fulfilling what ought to be fulfilled. In his quest he met friends and acquaintances along his youthful spree. I could imagine how happy the young lad was…it was  heaven I supposed. But, things change. With his attachments to earthly happiness, he forget that everything changes. So, famine came and his friends left him and he ended up working on a pig farm. Because of hunger, heavy toil plus the stinky smell of pigs, he came to realize to return home…

Indeed, it was in his time of great misery and distress that aroused him how silly his decision was. It was a rude awakening. With his painful experience, he learned humility and accepted his faults. It was a conversion: from a life of happy-go-lucky to here-I-am-father, I-have sinned.

On his way home, he was surprised when his father hugged him (the father missed him so much) I guess he never could imagine it!. No wonder the older brother felt envious why the father just simply forget what the younger son did.

Yeah, I cannot deny that I’m more like the older son: envious, self-righteous, self-love. (I often asked God why He wouldn’t send lightning immediately to the corrupt, murder, rapist; the list of guilty is long!) But still He didn’t answer me personally, so I just keep my mom’s sage advice, “God write straight in crooked lines”.

Enough said!

So, I used to tell my mom it was not the younger son who is the prodigal but rather the father. (My mom would just smile at me, she doesn’t talk much). Come to think of it: after what the son did, his father still forgives and worst, love him more than ever.

That’s how fathers do, right? Indeed, God rightly owned the title “The Prodigal Father in Heaven”. He never abandoned us… when we astray He will find us, even sending His only Son just to save us! It gives me hope to persevere…to keep on doing good, even in my halty steps. To love and to love more as Jesus did…to become a prodigal in loving like Him.

Besides, what makes me different from the son in the story is that I have two mothers: my mama Helen and my mama in Heaven. I have a great confidence with the latter.

Ave Maria!


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