It cannot be denied that sometimes we tend to have halting steps when we are on the plateau of satisfaction and conveniences. We fear to take risk in gambling our time and effort for better things, greater accomplishments. Indeed, we settle for something less and we called it our best.

In my seminary formation, there were times that I wasn’t too “awake” in recognizing the opportunities that the seminary offered. I often missed the chances in taking a leap for self-improvement- to aim high. Simply because I was satisfied with the things I have and the things which I consider beyond my reach.

Yes, I am a mediocre. I love to dwell in “this-is-enough” zone. It doesn’t require much of my energy. I just have to justify myself every time my ego will whisper “you deserve better than that”. And I usually tame and silence it, and I often succeed.

I know I have to be awake from my comfort zone. I must conquer myself and start planting the seed of virtues deep within. I want to be a priest and the Church deserves my very best.

I bet it is a long-very long-process, but it’s worth a risk. It just needs patience and perseverance plus a clear vision of what I want.

Wish me luck!

Amos 6: 1,4-6


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