So, I was nominated again as community secretary… and again I did not win (hehe) Well, there’s always next year… During Meeting de Advance the nominees should have a good piece to persuade and earned votes from the community…so here’s my piece.

Somehow or other being serious seems to have got itself a bad name. At worst, it becomes an accusation: you’ve no sense of humor, you are a wet blanket, you’ve got a problem, you tend to self-importance. In its lighter forms, there’s the invitation to ease up, see the brighter side, join in the fun. But, all in all, whether light or heavy, being serious is not “in”.

For an event, a celebration, a presentation, to be considered a success, it must be “happy”, and this kind of “happy”,  it would seem, is the sworn foe of seriousness. Being serious, our culture suggests, means of lack of joy.

Come to think of this: might it not indeed be that a moderate dose of seriousness would in fact facilitate joy all around? if those responsible for collecting the garbage, the seminarian in-charge of comfort rooms, or the seminary officers were to apply themselves more seriously, would not the community truly be happier?

If we seminarians were to smile less and pray harder, would not joy be more the order of our day? If we seriously listen and open in every community meeting to reach some sensible conclusion that was acted upon, would we not all be ready to take a new step forward?

For seriousness in our book is just another name for professionalism, responsibility, accountability, for simple honesty – and these things, though requiring sacrifice, bring joy.

I feel so fortunate to have been a part of this Meeting de Advance. Thanks to my brothers who seriously nominated me. I am most grateful to the Lord for bringing me here on stage.

My seminary experiences taught me many things. I have learned to deal with different types of people, adjust a totally new surroundings, to adjust my pace to be on time for every activity, and possibly the best, to act without fear of being dislike by others.

I was always too conscious in dealing with others, that I often disregard doing things I wanted to do for fear of other people’s reactions hindering my own happiness and progress. I have learned to come out of my shell and be my natural self with others.

For me it is a great privilege to be here, I mean wow! For the second time I could not believe I am nominated again. If I’ll be the next secretary, even it requires sacrifices, even the idea of leaving my studies hanging, its worth it.

My daily relationship with the seminary has helped me a lot. After all was said and done, I thought to myself, if all of us seminarians would work hand-in-hand for a better community, we would succeed. Excellence must begin in one’s heart. If all of us could reach out with this in mind, the seminary could produce excellent men and soon excellent priests. We don’t need to be an officer to be a leader… we can be a leader to ourselves, and good books will help us to be one.

I am not certain that I will win, besides my fellow nominee is one of my best friends and I can assure you he is serious and excellent in any task he’s in. But there’s one thing I am certain, God is with us always…

God bless.


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