the Sotanandi’s Retreat

The Sotanandi’s retreat started yesterday around 3’o clock in the afternoon. I’ve spent my time playing, house cleaning, and eating balut.

I haven’t set my mind much on the coming investiture. However, I invited a couple of friends and relatives (without planning how/what to feed them) to share my joy with them. I just couldn’t believe that this coming Friday, I will be like a butterfly coming from its cocoon with its new wings…I’m going to wear my diocesan habit.

The diocesan habit (cassock) does not make me a seminarian, anymore than water in baptism, or bread the Eucharist or clerical dress the Priest; but they are pretty sign of the mystery they signify. It may be objected that a Cossack or a habit can separate us from the world. Marvelous! We are meant to be a “sign of contradiction”, a people apart. This is what the Lord wants to be: IN the world but not OF it.

My cassock has the value of reminding me that I must act in a certain way, that I am a representative of Christ. It is also acts as a warning to myself from evil impulses and desires, and to the world that there is another life than this. And that the wearer is found to have a Divine blood flowing through his veins.

I am going to be invested not because of my love for Him, that is indeed poor, but on His love for me. His love for me made Him joyful and that He shared his joy to me, “My joy be in you”. (Jn. 15-11)



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