Have you even find yourself afraid and yet filled with joy? Sounds ironic but I’m sure you have been is situation where you are afraid and joyful at the same time.

Think of the first time father, at first, he is afraid of what might happen to his wife, but at the same time excited to see his first born child.

We are also like first time fathers at times. When we heard God’s call to serve Him, some of us were afraid because of various reasons. Some of us felt unworthy and undeserving to be called to serve. However, I believed that a part of us were happy because we felt the privileged to serve God.

I remember when God called me to serve Him as His seminarian a year ago, I had fears. I didn’t  know much about seminary life. I didn’t now how I could possibly serve well in this new place that God opened to me. Being around and living with a number of people  was a problem for me. I actually had a lot of excuses not to enter the seminary. However, just like any servant, though I was afraid because of my inadequacies, still I didn’t let my fears consume me. I decided to answer  God’s invitation and obey His instructions. Though I had fears, deep in my heart I was happy, especially now that I am invested…I am happy because God had invited me.


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