My cousin and I shared lots of similarities. We love watching cartoon network, hero, and animax. When we were together we spend it by walking as much as 2 kilometers or more…talking about how’s our day to crushes, to gadgets, or sometimes just “non-sense” that popped in our heads. That’s how close we are. I really enjoyed the company we have together…sharing laughs and giggles. Often I will invite him for a movie marathon (and just hooking up with channel 13- Star Movies). Well, we always wish to have a portable DVD player…but our saved allowances won’t just fit to buy one.

Anyway, December 30 was a memorable day for us. Our families had a reunion. But we decided to roam in Dipolog city before joining. We departed around 11. Honestly, I just woke up from sleep…(when I’m home I have difficulty in sleeping, I guess my body wants to enjoy every minute of my Christmas vacation …and that causes difficulty of sleeping)

So, we started our little adventure in RD pawnshop.  His sister pawned something and I accompanied him in paying it. Then, we were on shoe hunt… we looked in every establishment we caught sight. It was fun… yet our tummies began to growl and it was so obvious that we tend to hear it as we walked on the busy street.

The most peculiar thing he did was buying two apples for 10 pesos each. He gave me the other one…and we walked again. Then we stopped at a sari-sari store and bought a-12 ml bottled water. He insisted that we must wash the apples before eating it. I just smiled at him. Then he gave 20 pesos to the old lady and for the change 8 chocolate marshmallows- Wiggles.

Then I joked, “Thank you for the lunch…this was the most expensive lunch I had”. He laughed. Imagine for 40 pesos, you could already tamed the hungry lion in your stomach.


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