Called to be Saints

The youth are the heritage of any society because they hold the key to the future. We, the young ones have abundant energy that can be channeled into the productive endeavors of our society. Yet, somehow and somewhere, our youth lost in the rapidly changing times. The young people of today are faced with a lot of challenges, prominent among us being peer pressure, drug addiction, indiscipline. It cannot be denied that our society fail to give enough amount of attention to the fundamentals, especially on character building, good manners and right conduct. Thus, many of us youth are confused and do not really know how to steer our lives.

Because of these challenges most of us seek “role-models” through media. Finding quality role models for today’s youth is tough. There is a constant and ever-present bombardment of programming; media that sinks deep within the minds of today’s youth that will greatly impact our views and actions as adults. Yet there is an abundance of powerful negative influences out there, and the positive ones seem to few and far between.

So we asked, “Who are we looking to?”, “What should we do?”

With keen interest we admire the success of great artists, sports stars, stars, scientists, and heads of state. Their achievements fire our imagination beyond our daily, limited horizons. The saints play a similar role. They are not only our influential friends living with God; their lives and dreams can also inspire our own Christian commitment.

CBCP ECY Chairman Joel Baylon, Bishop of Legazpi reportedly stressed: “During this CBCP Year of the Youth, let us together work to intensify awareness about the youth and their importance to the life and activity of the Church (and of the country we may add). By our witness, let us help the young in our midst in our homes, schools, communities, etc. – to find God in their lives and generously answer His call to service and love.”

Indeed the task of proper nurturing our youth is a continuing process and a call for all of us- young and old. The society should exert more concerted efforts in the correct guidance of our youth to avoid the pitfalls of life and make our lives more meaningful and fruitful. Truly, only God can really transform us to responsible and productive members of our society. Thus, the very first thing that adults, particularly parents, should do is to bring us young people closer to God. Christ tells us: “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in me and I in him, he bears much fruit; for without me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5)

Clearly then, union with our Lord Jesus Christ is the first essential step we should take in our journey through life. And union with Lord Jesus is achieved through faith. Following His will is simple: In every single moment we must open ourselves to Jesus so that the Holy Spirit can enter our beings and make things happen to us- to makes us grow. For without Jesus, we will never achieve the happiness that we all seek for. This is our true vocation.

It is a choice we make.  The world can be an overwhelming place. Despite that human nature tends to be self-involved, but there are people out there who are literally changing the world- the saints! One must not forget that the saints we look up to are also human, then the capacity to affect the world positively, the way they do, is possible for any human being.  We are the future and all of us are called to make a stand, we should help each other to become “saints-in-training”.


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