Mt 5: 38-48

Jesus Christ in this gospel reminds me that discipleship is about “doing more than what is required”. Discipleship is about offering beyond necessary, beyond usual.

I’ve been traveling the road of priesthood and there were lot of times that I stumbled. The way I vision the seminary before I entered was now shattered into pieces. I am often jeered, rejected, steered etc. I often asked myself why I enter at the first place, why I didn’t quit when things doesn’t work according to what I expected.

Tonight as I laid myself on bed, I looked at the crucifix hanged on our wall. I began to talk to Him and told Him how my Saturday was. It felt good until I ended up too emotional…

Jesus Christ willingly offered himself on the cross because He trust in His Father’s will. He knew very well that everything will end up okay. He also had high hopes that we sinners will change our ways and become better persons, the way he created us at the first place.

The reality is that, He gives us chances to renew ourselves, to grow in His love. He always invites us to come out from our shells, from our comfort zones, to become light of the world and salt of the earth.  My love for Jesus is not equated by the days I fast, the rosaries I prayed, the good works I did but rather the depth of my trust in Him.

Yes I remember, I am here because I do believe that I’ll become a better person from my bitter experiences. It takes more than usual generosity to respond to this kind of vocation. I trust Him for my transformation.


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