Taking a glimpse from the past pages of my life…there were times that I wasn’t grateful with the gifts He gave and opportunities He set for me.

I often gave my parents a headache by dropping my subjects and asking overpriced projects, irritating my sisters by not doing my assigned household chores, making my professors disappointed with my absents and failed marks, and paying surprised visits to my Lola’s house whenever I get scolded at home.

Indeed, there were lots of sad faces seen, tears burst, money  squandered, and of course prayer casted from the people who knew and love me. Well, they can’t just simply believe how could I manage to live two lives- one white; the other black, and that I could manage to perform it well.

When I was young, I’ve known by family and friends as a good kid. Even some of my friend’s moms had a good crush on me as they say, “untag parehas nimo akong anak”, “how I wish my son is like you”. I lived a happy childhood and a bit spoiled by love.

Then I met the cyber world…then it started.  It started with simple hi’s and hello’s to more  serious  and let me say intense relationship. So, I was so attached that I couldn’t help myself to loose such shackle. When I first put my fingers on it…it gave me a sense of acceptance…a feeling that most of us wanted. Well anyway I have survive and escape from the cyber world.


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