joining PBB

At times I want to join Pinoy Big Brother. If PBB is not about the looks or talents but rather real people with real problems…then I am highly qualified. We all have a voice to be heard and a story to share.

When I stroll around, seeing people at the sidewalk, I look at them and tryin to figure out what did they contribute to the world. It sound’s silly, yet that’s how my head works. Sadly, there are people who had devoured their time and effort for their selfish interest. In the process they end up more isolate, more remote.

You see, the world needs more good people to continue its rotation. It’s frustrating to hear from news about wars, crimes, and other countless gruesome effects of man’s selfishness.

I know I had my bit of share…all of us. Our sins pollute ourselves and the life of others.

Dearly beloved, repent…


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