I haven’t writing for a long time now. My schedule haven’t loose a bit. Last semester, I’d crammed for my academics. Imagine, I need to read and write and read again. I have decided not to focus more time on studying, rather indulging myself to prayer which is my weakness. I want to gain more spiritual muscle than feeding my brain cells.

Lately, I woke up with a great ordeal on how I can survive my seminary life. There are so many things required yet too little time to accomplish. If only people know how difficult seminary life is…(sigh). Some people are good at judging us rather than praying for us.

For the record…Fr. Rector was impressed with my reflections. It caused me a little difficulty of sleeping…

I still isolate myself sometime. There are moments that are meant for me to be alone with Him. I still continue reading Thomas Merton’s books, and greatly inject me desires of becoming a monk.

I pray that next semester will be a more greener for me. I had cut some of my fences, making myself more vulnerable.

Well, God knows how far I can go…

I’m trying to LIVE and DIE ONLY for HIM


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