We have been hearing a lot about the ambush which resulted in the death of 19 marines in Zamboanga Sibugay by the rouge members of MILF. At first, we were all disturbed by this chaos, but then we grew used to it. We shrug our shoulders as if all this were just part of daily life of the intricacies of Philippines political system.

We have to say that at the root of the lack of peace, there are differences in beliefs and ideology. They are Muslims. We are Christians. But, does that mean we are not of the same race? Despite our differences, we are all both brothers and sisters living in one land.

In a community like our Cor Jesu Seminary, minor disputes of about beliefs and opinions are inevitable, especially since we the students come from different regions and dioceses of Mindanao. We may have arguments, but all the same we are brought into this community to achieve one goal- serving the Lord. The issue here is, How am I going to be a brother to my brother? How can I contribute in my own little way to the attainment of peace in this land?  These are difficult questions to answer, but there are no problems we can not solve together and very few that we can solve by ourselves.

Ninoy Aquino once famously said, “The Filipino is worth dying for”. But perhaps we could go even further: “If there is anything at all worth dying for, it is peace”. The hard question though, it is: What do we need to do to attain peace within ourselves and within our brothers and sisters?

As seminarians, we are called to share the work of peace. If we could only envision peace in its many forms, in its many colors, then it will never be a distant star. It all depends on our perception. It all depends on you. Peace could be you. Peace be with you!


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