its CHRISTmust

I’ve been in different places, been with different people, done hundred of interviews. Writing becomes my passport to touch and be inspired at the same time. I like to think that a person’s worth is measured not on what he/she acquired but rather how much he/she gave up so that others may have it.

Let me use this opportunity to say thank you for all people I come to meet who shape me as I am now.

For my PAPA and MAMA who taught me that love is unconditional

For my LOLA who believes that I am a saint in the making

My UNCLE who’ve always been very supportive for the new road I’ve trudging on

For my SISTERS who become villains but at the end of the day my true allies

For my COUSIN SADAM who always patch things up when I’m in trouble

For my BEST FRIEND GUYGUY whose company will always bring laughter and tears

For my AUNT TINA who always accommodate with warmth love every time I get scolded at home

For my BATCH MATES who are like seasonings…with different flavors but when combined…tastes heaven

For my FORMATORS who formed me to be what I am now

For my SEMINARY BROTHERS who are my c0-journeyers in this path less traveled

For our SEMINARY COOK who feed me and keep the kitchen open late at night because they know I am always get hungry…

For our SEMINARY DRIVER who fetch us up during classes…and my laundry

For my CLASS IN CATECHISM who listen to my stories and laugh at my not-so-funny jokes

For my CRUSH who makes me blush every time I see her…haha

Its CHRISTmust!

Merry CHRISTmust 


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