I presume all of us wants a happy life, full of all that is right, good and true. But what in fact happens? Well, sometimes life can turn out to be not quite as beautiful as we would wish. Time of real testing come along, our dreams seems shattered; we begin to question the value of life: is still beautiful, despite all?


Anything is possible in life if we have the right attitude to whatever happens, no matter how dreadful the situation is. The best is yet to come and whether it comes or not, it will depend on our perspective. There are many good things going on, there are many positive developments. Seminarians, for example, are more aware today the importance of fraternity and equality, and many are willing to struggle to defend it. These bring us together, despite our differences. Much is being done to overcome, at least lessen mediocrity; there is a growing sense of excellence. And yet, of we are honest, we have to admit that there is bad news too. Some are still in the process of knowing oneself; some seminarian’s insensitiveness and immaturities may damage or harm the community.


What explain these contradictions? One factor is certainly this: We live in a culture that tends to give greater value of ourselves than others. Seminarians cheat to pass the exam or stay at the top of their class. Seminarians tell lies to save himself from inconviences and responsibilities. Seminarians manipulate to get what they want for their own ends. Some slip into thinking that self-fulfillment equals self-affirmation, that to be happy is to make oneself “number one”, to place oneself at the center. When this happens, we start deciding whether things are good or bad by the advantage that we can personally get out of them. We think of ourselves more as an individual than as persons in relationship, and we struggle against anyone or anything that stands in the way of achieving our plans and goals.


So what is an ideal seminarian? A person who has learned to think of others before thinking of self; a person who has learned to read reality with the eyes of hope, seeing beyond the immediate, and so he is able to discover the good, the lovely, to know, that despite all, life is beautiful.


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