Having enjoyed the benefits of my identiy, I sometiems get worried of getting regency. What will be the reaction of my family and friends?

But the issue had been patch up. Through prayers and reflections , the feeling underwent a natural death. I have lesser fear of getting regency now. The truth of the matter lies on the understanding of one’s real worth. My being a seminarian is only an ccidental  nature of the real me.  There are more in me that I will soon discover as years grow by. I am still in the processs of becoming something greater than what I am today.

In the future, I may become a writer, a teacher, a monk or a priest; the decision lies not on what my family think what’s best for me, but rather on what makes me truly happy.

I don’t know what tomorrow brings me, but I am certain that everyday is a oppurtunity, a blessing, a gift, to finally meet my true self.


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