Reflection on Mt 13: 24-30

Our life resembles of that of a field in the gospel. God had sowed good sees in us, yet an enemy came and sowed weeds all through the wheat, and then went away.

Here lies the difference between God and the enemy. The enemy had left, he did not wait for his seeds to grow, he did not cultivate it, he just merely abandoned it. On the other hand, God didn’t abandoned his seeds, he wait for his seeds to grow and bear fruit, He even spare the weeds, instructing His servant not to pull it off because they may run on the risk of rooting also the good seeds.

The weeds become part of the field. The weeds share the nutrients with the wheat. As the wheat grows, the weed also flourished. Only then in harvest time where the two can be separated – First the weeds, tied in bundles for burning, and the wheat gathered into God’s barn.

The weed resembles the wheat. But weeds can’t bear fruit, simply weeds are weeds.

Sometimes in life, we chose weeds rather than the wheat. We have chosen the superficial from reality. We have chosen vice from virtue. We have chosen the flesh from the spirit.

There were also times when we become weeds to others, our pride, our insensitivity, our disobedience had hindered others to grow good seeds.

Our very hearts are fields where wheat and weeds may grow.God planted good seeds in our hearts but because of stubbornness of heart weeds grow too.

But God is patient, He still believes in our goodness. He believes that the little seed of holiness planted in our hearts will slowly grow and bear fruit. He gives us chances so that the wheat in us will produce abundantly during harvest time.

The seminary maybe likened to a field, and the seminarians to the wheat or weed. To determine if we are wheat or weed lies on our fruits, lies on our actions. It is manifested in our very own lives.

Let us pray for God’s grace and presence so that we will end up as wheat and not weeds, for God and for others.


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